The Midtown Business Club is a not-for-profit organisation focused on:

Providing new business opportunities for Midtown businesses

Promoting Midtown as a business location

Representing Midtown businesses.

The Midtown area of London broadly extends to Euston Road in the North, the Thames in the South, Farringdon Street/Road in the East and Trafalgar Square/Tottenham Court Road in the West.


Membership of the The Midtown Business Club provides regular opportunities to initiate and develop relationships with businesses in Midtown or who have an interest in doing business in Midtown as well as the local government, legislative bodies and representative organisations that serve the area.


You and any nominated colleague(s) will receive regular invitations to our events, often focussed on key issues affecting Midtown or the wider business community. See us as a blank canvas where you can promote your business messages at your own event. Speakers do not have to be Club Members.