The Midtown Business Club

The Midtown Business Club is London’s fastest growing business group. The Club is a not-for-profit organisation, focused on providing new business opportunities, promoting Midtown as a business location and representing Midtown businesses.

The Midtown area of London broadly extends to Euston Road in the North, the Thames in the South, Farringdon Street/Road in the East and Trafalgar Square/Tottenham Court Road in the West.

Launched in 2007, the Club’s membership includes businesses, investors and friends, all committed to ensuring that Midtown continues to grow as a World class business location, long into the future. The Club invites all businesses with an active interest in the area to get involved.

If you are considering joining the Club why not attend one of our events to meet Members and get a feel for the Club’s activities?




19th November 2019,
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Kindly hosted by etc.venues Chancery Lane

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