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Midtown Stakeholder Task Group

The Midtown Stakeholder Group's aim is to create a platform for existing associations and groups active across Midtown to come together to create value for all. We aim to grow existing working relationships and promote dialogue on matters of area-wide concern, to better represent collective needs.

We have July 2012 to plan for - with a vision that Midtown Business Club can make Midtown anything but 'mid' in its achievements for all local business - at the same time ensuring that local businesses have the tools and information they require to operate in what may be challenging times to keep day-to-day business running.

The steps may be small initially but will grow as we provide a forum for our stakeholders to speak effectively to each other and to our local authority, police and transport partners.

If you are a group or association that does not already belong to the Club or that we don't already talk to, please get in touch.

Task Group Contacts

Steve Arundale - RBS

DL: 020 7203 4896

Gaynor Lloyd - George Carter LLP

DL: 020 7440 8807






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