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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Task Group

The Group provides members with guidance, case studies and workshops (download presentations - see under 'Previous Events') to help them set-up and run their own CSR programme, as well as volunteering and fundraising opportunities in the local community.


MBC & CSR - Social Capital

The Club's CSR support to Members continues at our event on 30th January. The Club's Report into Members' CSR programmes is now available here.


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What is CSR?

The CBI defines CSR as'the acknowledgement by companies that they should be accountable not only for their financial performance, but for the impact of their activities on society and/or the environment. Example policy and strategy documents are available by becoming a member of the Heart of the City programme, free to Midtown businesses.'

A coordinated CSR strategy will bring better benefits but better fit with your business needs and encompass four key areas:

1. Clients or Marketplace (e.g. procurement / products & services)
2. Your people or workplace (e.g. diversity and work-life balance)
3. Environmental responsibility
4. Support for the community (e.g. charity partnerships, volunteering).

Get internal support first

It is important to get support from the most senior person in your business. Focus on the needs of your employees and the business benefits. Consultation with colleagues at all levels to gain ideas and enthusiasm for the proposal is also useful.

Getting started

Heart of the City have produced a useful framework. Start by undertaking a staff survey and bringing together a CSR committee with representatives from across the business able to help deliver the programme and engage others. Elect individual project champions to spread the workload. Example.

Gathering project ideas

Look both inside and outside your business.The following organisations can help.

Business in the Community (BITC) mobilises business for good purposes. They work with businesses to build a sustainable future for people and planet.

London Community Foundation The Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of London's most disadvantaged. Child poverty, unemployment, isolation, homelessness, domestic violence and gang crime are just some of the issues we are tackling through its grant making.

Convergence CSR promotes a non-judgmental, non-partisan, non-political approach.

CSR Legal Network links CSR professionals in law firms.

The Corporate Responsibility Group (CRG) provides learning and development tools for CSR.
CSR chicks and CSR blokes provides insight into wider issues.To join e-mail or

Heart of the City is a 700-strong powerhouse of responsible business leaders, Corporate Responsibility practitioners and change agents committed to sharing their experiences and their time with others in order to measurably improve our society.

How to engage your colleagues

Meet their personal and practical needs. Identify their goals, their stresses, what excites them and how they define success. Many will already be engaged in some of the aims of your collective programme, but make sure they have everything they need to support any activity suggested by them or proposed. Teams focused on one project will emerge. Engage and the ideas will flow. Remember employees' needs can change. Communicate well and often. Be clear about what is expected. Organise training where required. Be clear about an individual's role and its place in the overall programme. Celebrate measurable success.

Where can I find out about volunteering opportunities for my programme?

CSV 'Make a Difference' - the UK's leading volunteering and training charity.

Do-it - a national database of volunteering opportunities, part of YouthNet.

Greater London Authority


Voluntary Action Islington

Volunteer Centre Camden

Volunteer Centre Westminister

Volunteering London 2012 - 70,000 volunteers are required to ensure that the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games run smoothly and successfully.

Talk to your local authority

Each Council has short and long-term educational volunteering opportunities, some which can be delivered at your office. Contact your local Education Business Partnership (EBP).

Camden EBP

Islington EBP

Westminster EBP

Do all colleagues need to be checked with the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB)? If so how do they go about it?

Not all volunteers require a CRB check. Those working with children and vulnerable adults may be required to do so. The process, which isn't complicated, can take up to about 6 weeks. Checks can be done through the organisation you are volunteering with or if you were setting something up separate, you can use an umbrella body to help you at a small cost. More FAQs.

Keep the programme running

Measure and report on progress.Reward to recognise employees in ways that are meaningful to them. Be consistent and ensure long term suitability.

Task Group Contacts

Robert Bond - Speechly Bircham

DL: 020 7427 6660







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